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About me

Hi there, my name is Jacob,

I am a Web Developer based in UK, and I am very passionate about Web Development in most of its forms. You can mostly observe me coding back end stuff, but occasionally I also do some front end.

My comfort zone is in Python world and mosty with django these days, however I do enjoy php every so often.

Aside from Web Development, I have a massive passion for Linux and Photography. I currently suffer from distro hopping, but I do believe that this only allows me to explore Linux possibilities, and allows me to get greater knowledge on how this wonderful system actually works.

I occasionally take pictures which you will soon be able to see on this website.

I refuse to use Windows, Internet Explorer and Edge (This will resolve the problem once they switch to Chromium base). I will also not work on supporting them when developing apps. Unfortunatelly, life is to short.

My skills

Linux - 93%

django - 94%

JavaScript - 85%

Nodejs - 80%

php - 90%

Passion/Commitment - 100%