Switching to Kde Neon

So I have recently posted a 2 part (base install, i3 setup) series on how I setup my development laptop with Arch Linux and i3 window manager.

Although it is still valid and I use it on some weaker laptops, my main laptop has received a love from KDE Neon. I did a lot of distro hopping in my life and there is no Linux distro on DistroWatch on last 6 months page hit ranking that I would not try in the past.

All that lead me to installing Arch Linux. I still love it for those reasons:

  • you can build your own set up with only the packages you need,

  • is well supported,

  • has one of the best Wikis in Linux world (personal opinion),

  • you can customise it however you want,

  • AUR,

  • rolling release,

  • every package that I ever needed was always available,

  • and more.


With that flexibility comes a little drawback. I have been using Linux for quite a while now, so I know my ways around the system. In fact I don’t know how to use Windows anymore aparently ;-) Someone has asked me few weeks back on how to set up something on Windows and I couldn’t remember, due to Windows 10 design changes and stuff.

Anyway. All in all I consider myself comfortable in Linux and if I encounter a problem I can find a quick way to fix it. This happened many times when using Arch Linux, and I do apprieciate it, because I learnt a lot of useful stuff. The only reason that I have switched to KDE Neon on my main machine is that there were few instances where something needed to be done (in front of the customer, or generally at work) and stuff would break, or I needed additional dependency for specific case. I cannot afford the time to look things up, just to get something ready. I do not complain about this, but what I think more, is that Arch is awesome for hobbyist or a person who has a well established workflow, which I don’t from distro hopping. I am yet to say that this is my chosen workflow.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not any distro or desktop environment fault, but my own, and I do admit that.

So why KDE Neon? I always liked KDE ever since they have introduced version 5 (anything below that was not something that I enjoyed using). Version 5 works well on my machine, is smooth. I can set it up to mimic my i3 setup, and the most important thing, for some unknown to me reason Civilization 6 does not crash on KDE!!!! Wheather is my GPU or not general laptop configuration I don’t know, but KDE is the only DE that Civ 6 does not crash on.

I could go with Arch Linux and KDE, but I thought I will give KDE Neon a try as that is their distro to develop KDE stack, so why not. It is base of Ubuntu, so I can install all the software that I need. I am on Git stable version which means I can get many new KDE stuff before it hits other distros, and that is nice as well.

I am sure I will be posting more about KDE in the future, so stay tuned.